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A Message From Chapter 1088 President

Barry Moody, President VVA 1088

President’s Letter

 Dear members and friends,

I would like to thank each of you for the confidence you have in me by choosing me to be the President of VVA Chapter 1088 during the coming year. I, along with the other 1088 officers and directors, pledge to you that we will work tirelessly to serve our members, all veterans and our Nassau and Camden Counties community.

I am deeply grateful to Gerald Burford and John Scherer, our Chapter past presidents, and to all officers and directors who have served before me. They laid a foundation that has seen VVA Chapter 1088 grow to 115 VVA members and 15 AVVA members. 

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VVA Chapter 1088 Elects New Officers and Directors

At its Annual Meeting on April 24th, VVA Chapter 1088 elected Chapter officers and directors for the coming year. Each of the chapter members elected have volunteered to serve and to continue the growth, community outreach and lead and direct the chapter on its commitment to serve veterans and the community. Thank you each one for stepping up.

The photo above (Courtesy of Sharon Rudd) is a picture taken at the time the new officers and directors were sworn in.

Pictured in the front row are:
Joe Davis, Director: Bill Callan, Treasurer: Dave Roeser, Director: Dennie Pendergras, Director: Barry Moody, President: Steve Goll, Director.

Pictured in the back row are:
Corky (Roy) Rudd, Vice President: Tommy Townsend, Director: Roger Allen, Secretary. Not pictured is John Scherer, Director.

Again, thanks to each of the VVA Chapter 1088 Officers and Directors for taking on chapter leadership roles for the coming year.

VVA Chapter 1088 supports USO at Christmas and throughout the year

The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1088 is very pleased and proud to present a Christmas check to the USO-Jax through one of its representatives, Mr. Doug Ferry, for $500.00. VVA 1088 supports the USO-Jacksonville every two months during the year with large donations of supplies, such as soft drinks, individual snacks of many varieties, grooming products, and many other essentials for its 3 USO facilities located at Jacksonville International Airport, Naval Base Jacksonville and Naval Base Mayport. Since 2006, the USO-Jax Airport alone, has had over a quarter million grateful military personnel pass through its facility.

The facilities offer veterans of all eras and their families, at no cost to them, a much needed support system of phones and computers, food, supplies, contacts, a place to rest, and much more. There are more than 500 USO facilities worldwide serving our best for over 75 years.

The USO Internationally and in the States, has been serving our military men and women of all eras since 1941, making goods, services and entertainment possible, even in war ravaged zones around the world from the beginning of World War II to the present, thanks to the efforts of its excellent 
management and volunteer corps. To become a volunteer, donate or for more information contact Jim Bury by text or phone at 904-305-4467. "

(Pictured left to right.......Doug Ferry, a representative from USO-Jax and VVA Chapter 1088 President John Scherer)

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The Last Monday in May……Lest We Forget


“We pause to remember those who died,

with so much courage, so much pride.

They’ll never come back, but memories endure

to remind us of freedom: fragile and pure.

We’re worthy of their sacrifice, if we pause each day,

not just on the last Monday in May.”


These prolific words by John Bird of Birmingham, Alabama, echo in the hearts and minds of most of our older veterans, their families and loved ones, not just on our observance of Memorial Day, but almost every day.

Many of us grew up in all parts of this great country in eras when every May 30th was then called Decoration Day. This was a special day to honor not only our family predecessors but to gather as a family to recall and enjoy memories of times past, when those who have been called home were icons in our lives.

Many of us went to the family cemeteries to clean, mow and weed the gravesites, pause to reminisce with stories from our parents about those who were resting beneath our feet and the events in our lives that they guided to the present. We were very mindfully taught to also give special attention to the grave sites of those who died in military service, and the importance of their accomplishments and the honor that they so greatly deserved.

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"Scholarship Raffle a Huge Success"

( photo.....from left to right....John Scherer, President VVA Chapter 1088, Sheriff Bill Leeper-Nassau County Sheriff's Office, drawing raffle winners, and Sam Entriken, VVA 1088 Board Director)

The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1088 Memorial Scholarship Raffle was a huge success in attaining 140% of its goal of $5000 in 6 weeks to have over 1400 tickets sold at $5.00 each, totaling over $7,000 for the qualified seniors who apply for assistance from Nassau and Camden County high schools each year.

The winners of 5 very unique, specialty items were drawn by Sheriff Bill Leeper at the VVA Chapter 1088 meeting on November 28th. The winners are Brenda Roberts who won a framed photo island landscape from local artist, Steve Leimberg; the framed famous print of "Reflections" signed by artist Lee Teter was won by Joe Belle-Isle; Mike Van Horn was pleased to win the signed, framed print of "Partners" by world renown artist Fred Stone; Bob Collucci won the 60" LG 4K TV and Gina Kerliter won the Weber 'Genesis' Gas Grill.

The members of VVA Chapter 1088 are very grateful for the outstanding support of our communities for this fundraising event to assist with one of their most important missions in the legacy we leave in assisting our local youth in their continuing education. The VVA 1088 Education Committee consists of 3 retired educators who have a multi-point qualification criteria. This chapter received 16 qualifying applications at the beginning of 2016 and wish to make more awards possible in 2017.

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Events and Announcements

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We Need Your Help

We Need Your Help to reach out to and serve ‘our’ veterans from all eras…..not only in Nassau and Camden Counties…..but throughout the great State of Florida and nationwide!

Please donate generously to the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1088, serving in support of more than 10,000 veterans in Nassau County and more than 7500 veterans in Camden County, from WW II, Korea, Vietnam, 
Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other areas of service. 

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You may choose to donate to VVA 1088 for many reasons.  For so many veterans…we Thank You for your generosity.

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John is employed by Nassau County, FL as a Veterans Service Officer. He is able to assist all Veterans and their families to provide the information they need to understand their entitled benefits and assist in filing claims. You can contact John at (904) 548-4670. More information is available at the Nassau County, FL Website. CLICK HERE.

Donate your Household Goods

Schedule a free pickup at your home to help our Vets. 
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VVA Chapter 1088 Recognizes WWII & Korea Veteran


Jim Thomas flanked with fellow Marines Tommy Thompson and Steve Goll
" The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1088 was very proud to recognize 95-year-old, Fernandina Beach Hometown Hero and World War II Marine Corps Veteran Jim Thomas, who enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1938 at the age of 17 and was discharged in 1953 to return home to Fernandina Beach. Mr. Thomas is a native of Nassau County, became a business owner and has served as a Nassau County Commissioner and School Board member and officially retired in 1983.

Jim was stationed in various parts of the United States, GITMO, New Zealand, New Britain and New Guinea in the Pacific theatre and is a combat veteran.

He achieved the rank of Sgt. Major (E-9) in the Marine Corps.

Jim still lives in the house he personally built and is cared for by his daughter Linda. Sgt. Major Thomas has an outstanding outgoing demeanor, loves being a Marine and looks terrific in red! Jim received a standing ovation and salute of everyone present and we are all very proud of his service to our country."