VA Volunteers

Did you know that the Veterans Administration has need of volunteers.
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Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1088 is committed to contributing to help not only Vietnam Veterans, but to all veterans and our community. We have an active Community Outreach Programs and several committees whose purpose is to serve others. The members of Chapter 1088 can use your help to continue our good works.

You do not need to be a VVA or AVVA member to participate in our community events or community service efforts, just an individual that recognizes and wants to support veterans and the community. 

Our Chapter is often contacted by community organizations that need help. We are asked to volunteer to assist with maintenance, minor repairs, clerical duties and a lot more. You can also be someone that works with veterans in need. We maintain a list of our members and friends and their skills and talents. When a volunteer opportunity is asked of VVA Chapter 1088, we can let you know of that volunteer opportunity. 

If you would like information on membership in Vietnam Veterans of America or in Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, please go to the MEMBERSHIP page to get more information.

If you want to just donate your time to help out in one of our Community Outreach programs, please call 904-330-4769 or send an email to

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