Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 1088, Nassau County, Florida
In Service to America
Attorney Assistance
Veterans Service Officer
Homeless Veterans
Suicide Risk
VA Benefits

VVA 1088 Community Outreach Services 
  • Attorney Assistance 
  • VA Crisis Hotline 24/7/365 Resources 
  • Veterans Service Officer Referrals 
  • Agent Orange/PTSD- Education/Resources/Referral 
  • Homeless Veterans Services
  • Education Services- ‘Hands-On’ Resources & Referral 
  • Suicide Risk & Prevention 
  • PTSD-What Every Veteran & Every Veteran’s Family Should Know 
  • Applicable Benefits for: Ischemic Heart Disease, Diabetes II, Cancer, Prostrate Disease, Neuropathy and more. 
  • Women in Military Service-Gender Specific Care 
  • Veteran’s Credit Counseling and Assistance Courses 
  • Inherent Related Health Counseling 
  • Community Publications, Hand Outs and Events 
  • Chaplaincy Services to Veterans, their families and local hospitals, nursing care facilities and residents 
  • Minor and Emergency Home Repairs for veterans over age 60 Free of charge 
  • VA Clinic & Hospital medical/mental health services referral 
  • Disabled Veterans service and transportation services 
  • Veterans Housing/Vocational Training services 
  • Veterans ‘Hands On’ self- help guides
  • Media Related Veteran’s Education and Awareness
  • Veteran’s Town Hall Community Concept Education
  • Community Non-Profit Projects Assistance


 Women Veterans

Veterans Credit 
Veterans Health Counseling

 Chaplaincy Services

 Home Repairs

 VA Clinic Referrals

 Transportation Services

 Veterans Housing
 Veterans Self Help Guide

 Veterans Media Relations

 Veterans Town Hall 

 Non Profit Support

VA Crisis Line
Agent Orange
Education Services