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About VVA

"Never Again Will One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another"

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 The Vietnam Veterans of America is a nonprofit corporation founded in the United States in 1978 to promote the interests of Vietnam Era veterans.  The organization is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and is the only such organization chartered by the United States Congress to be exclusively dedicated to Vietnam Veterans and their families. The organization holds a congressional charter under Title 36 of the USC and is tax exempt under the Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501 ( C ) 19.

The organization operates without any funding or contribution from any branch of our federal government. 

Our Founding Principle

 “Never again will one generation of veterans abandon each other”

Our Continuing Mission

  •    To generate government relations advocacy on the national, state
       and local levels.
  •    To promote legislation and action for health care for Veterans and
       Disabled Veterans.
  •    To continuously care for homeless veterans through our national
        and local task forces.
  •    Assist veterans seeking services and benefits from our government
       and provide updates in application and processing of those services
       and benefits.
  •    Assist in identifying the full range of disabling conditions, injuries
       and illness incurred during and after military service. 
  •    Hold government agencies accountable for following laws                    mandating veteran’s health care.
  •   Seek the fullest possible accounting of America’s POW/MIAs and
       support their spouses and families.
  •   Establish National and local scholarship funds.
  •   Continuously create a positive public perception of Vietnam                   veterans through accurate information presented by educational       disciplines, print, voice and digital media, and support of veterans       and community needs and projects.
  •   Support the veterans and military of our younger generations
      and leave a positive and worthy legacy model to all.
  •  Continue to publish our national award winning bi-monthly
     magazine, ‘The Veteran’.
  •  Continue to directly  impact the community and veteran’s services.

 National, State and Local Organization

  •  More than 84,000  individual Members
  •  More than 650 Chapters worldwide
  •  48 State Councils

For more information on VVA, CLICK HERE to go to the National VVA Site. 
For More information on VVA in Florida, CLICK HERE to go to the Florida VVVA Site.