About VVA Chapter 1088

The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1088 is headquartered in beautiful Nassau County, Florida, which includes communities of Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Yulee, Callahan, Hilliard, Bryceville and many other areas of the county. 

Nassau County is steeped in the rich military history of Florida since its founding in 1824 but the areas’ history dates back for several hundred years.  The area, which includes Amelia Island, is known as the Isle of Eight Flags, representative of the 8 flags of various republics that have flown over the island during the last 400 years. 

On January 27th, 2013, the legacy of the brave men and women veterans who have preceded us, and those who live among us today continues with the chartering of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1088. 

The chapter, 26th in the line of 31 chapters in the State of Florida, was started by Dr. Gerald Burford, MD., and fellow officers Charles Nobles as Vice President, Roger Allen as Secretary and Hugh McLean as Treasurer. 

Today Chapter 1088 has evolved and grown substantially from those early beginnings to become the 2014 Florida State Chapter of the Year, for membership and retention and 2014 Florida State Website of the Year, with a 65 page informative website. 

The Officers and Directors representing Chapter 1088 for the 2022-2023 year are Corky Rudd-President, Barry Moody-Vice President, Roger Allen-Secretary, Bill Callan-Treasurer, Mort Dermott-Assistant Treasury, Tommy Townsend-Director, Rocky McPherson, and Joe Davis -Director. 

The Chapter has been enthusiastically welcomed by the Nassau County community and beyond. Because of the proximity of Camden County, GA, many veterans live in Nassau County but work in   Camden County, and vice versa. We endeavor to provide information and services to Veterans of all eras and location with important information on events, issues and benefits. 

Our continuing mission here is to generate governmental relations advocacy for all veterans’ rights and benefits, including mental and physical health benefits, promote all “hands on” services for Vietnam veterans and veterans of all eras through the VA Health Care System and Veterans Service Officers.  In addition, we are bound together to staunchly support legislation to those victims associated with Agent Orange (Dioxin) and other toxic chemicals exposure as well as PTSD, TBI and other service connected issues for all veterans. We are deeply committed to seeing current legislation passed in Congress in the form of “The Toxic Substance Research Act of 2015”, which would ensure research, leading to medical treatment benefits for  our Vietnam veterans, their children, grandchildren and generations to follow.   

We are also very active members of the Nassau County Veterans Council and support POW-MIA Families, provide a comprehensive list of veterans related services including “self-help” guides and written information on many topics about VA benefits and benefits for military veterans of all eras and their families, supporting homeless veterans, a scholarship program for our high school seniors, direct impact support and participation for our community agencies and organizations and many other service projects. 

We love our veterans…………and invite you…whether you are a Vietnam veteran or not, to be a part of not only our growth, but most importantly, our service to ‘all our veterans, their families and the community in which we live’!  There are many ways you can serve our veterans.

Besides the VVA , we also have our “Associates of Vietnam Veterans of  America” (AVVA.org) membership organization as a part of our chapter….reaching out in many areas of support and camaraderie. 

Our continuous goal is to give all our Vietnam veterans, veterans of all eras and their families….

‘The respect, Support and the Best Information Possible’ to ….. 

“To Keep and Maintain Our Nation’s Promises to Our Veterans” 

To join the Vietnam Veterans of America …..transfer your current membership or join the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America……… 

Just call us at 904-330-4679 in Nassau or 912-320-7840 in Camden for membership applications, transfer form or a variety of Veterans Guides and brochures, at no cost, and more information on ‘how you can make a difference’. 

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1088

463688 SR 200, Suite 1-412

Yulee, FL 32097

Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another”