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Membership in VVA is the Right Choice

To order corrected DD-214 and other military records, CLICK HERE.

VVA is a "home of our own" - a community of fellowship with people who share your experiences, needs, and hopes for the future.

Join VVA Chapter 1088 for fellowship, volunteer opportunities, and community service.

Be as active as your time, talents, and interests allow. Or, simply be a proud member of VVA, knowing that your membership helps VVA work for you and your fellow Vietnam veterans.

The VVA national organization keeps less than half of your membership dues. The rest stays at the state and local level to support programs and services for veterans and their families.

Membership includes a subscription to our award-winning newspaper, The VVA Veteran, bringing you updates on issues and legislation affecting veterans, as well as unique articles on the people, places, and history of the Vietnam experience.

Membership is open to U.S. armed force veterans who served on active duty (for other than training purposes) in the Republic of Vietnam between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975, or in any duty location between August 5, 1964 and May 7, 1975.

Families, friends, supporters, and veterans of other eras can join the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America and receive the same benefits.

To join VVA, print a VVA Membership Application. Instructions are included.

To join, AVVA, print an AVVA Membership Application. Instructions are included.

To transfer you VVA membership from another VVA Chapter or from, At-Large, print a VVA Transfer Application. Instructions are included.

To order DD-214 and other military records online, CLICK HERE.